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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Encore - Moving in...

Encore Posts
While I'm away, there are some scheduled posts with new creations coming your way, but I'm also taking the chance to do some catching up here at Words and Pictures.   Projects which made their first appearances elsewhere for Design Team duties or Guest Designer opportunities, but which only had a sneak peek here, are being gathered together in the pages of my virtual scrapbook.  I'm calling them "Encore" posts and they're formatted differently (all the way down the centre), so you can spot them easily.
Please don't feel that you have to comment all over again!

Hello all!  Believe it or not, I'm actually at home at the moment, catching up on sleep, clothes-washing, and some more blogpost-writing ready for the next departure!  So with all that going on, I'm sticking to the Encores if you'll forgive me.  If you were here a few days ago, then you've seen the beginning of this PaperArtsy project from November 2013 (if not, scroll down and you'll find it).  Here's how it all continued back then...

You've seen the house being decorated and a few of the embellishments being prepared, but today it's time for moving in.

As I mentioned, the stamps I'm using this month are the Urban Snapshots Nature plates, and this project uses stamps from all four plates in the set.

But to start with, let's get back to those fabulous filigree Mechanicals flowers!  You saw yesterday that I used rusting powder on some of them, but I also tried out adding paint to some others.

I started with an autumnal look in mind, using warm reds and browns.

But, of course, once added to the rusted flowers, they all sort of looked the same.

Hmm, maybe we need a contrast instead... so my next port of call was Vanilla - at that point the main neutral colour on the house background too, so I thought it would all tie together nicely.

I used a sanding block to knock back the Vanilla.

I like how in some places it rubbed back to the paint colours, and in some places it goes all the way to the metal underneath.

But then I decided to convert the Vanilla house to more of a Stone-y one, so I thought I'd better do the same to my flowers.  

While the flowers were drying (for the third time!), I got on with stamping the images I wanted to "populate" the house with.

The angel was always going to be part of it - Stone + Angel... got to be done (only don't Blink!).  And the leaf stamps from these sets are just lovely, so some of them were definitely in too.  And of course some sentiments too - all stamped on a sheet of A4 Smoothy Heavyweight card and trimmed.

They're stamped in Sepia and Coffee Archival inks, blended directly onto the stamp.  And then I inked the paper, first with Pumice Stone (the leaf is at this stage), and then with Vintage Photo and Gathered Twigs (the angel has had the full treatment).

Back to those flowers... I think they look pretty good layered up now: the contrast with the stone really allows the rust to shine (as it were).  I've added just a hint of blue-green inking to the stony flowers for a bit more definition.

I wanted to put my Stone Angel into a Stony Arch, so I used some more Crackle Glaze on one of the Tando Arches (again, you can see the method in yesterday's post - I'm trying to get in at under War and Peace length with today's post!).  

I used some pearl beads to mount the arch, so that it would stand well forward of the angel image, and I love that it's exactly the right size that the word "ANGEL" is revealed below the arch!

I worked to create as much dimension as possible with the mounting of all the images... Each compartment has its own method behind it.

I always keep those little sponges that come in the packet when you buy Alterations embossing folders.

Sliced up, they're really useful for adding dimension, rather than using layers and layers of padded tape.  So the "Remember what peace" motto stands well proud of the back wall.

Sadly, I didn't realise that I needed something to fill the space to the side of the sentiment until everything was stuck down... cue some very interesting "long-distance" stamping of the butterfly, heart in mouth trying not to smudge it!

More sponge slices, this time cut on an angle, so that I could mount the card into the corners of the compartments.

Some more rusted embellishments, rusty wire, and gorgeous little glass pebbles form the main additional items.

More heart in mouth stamping to get the butterfly in place next to the eggs - and I'm rather fond of what the rusting powder has done on this feather charm.

A bit of bendiness for the next couple of images - gorgeous leaf stamps.  Here's the one you saw in preparation earlier, curled into position with just a touch of Glossy Accents on the tips to hold it in place.

And in the roof, the lovely delicate leaf cluster has been curved to create movement, and one of the rusted filigree rosettes takes pride of place as a kind of "rose window".

Also in the roof are a couple of the Mechanicals bottle tops.  They've had the rusting powder treatment.

And the little hole through the centre of them means it was dead easy to add the little heart brad on top of the small one.

The curl of rusty wire is done just by wrapping it around a piece of dowelling or something similar.

Another segment of sliced sponge makes it possible for this leafy sprig to "hover" in mid-air over the egg (part of a set of real blown eggs bought in Germany last time I was there, and transported with great care across Europe) below.

Another egg sits under the watchful eye of the angel, alongside a little resin rose which I've also rusted.  I think I saw that Leandra's just started stocking a range of resin flowers... just look what a touch of rusting powder can do!

Regulars at Words and Pictures know that I'm never quite happy without plenty of words to go along with my pictures (the clue's in the name!)... and I think the sentiments included on these Urban Snapshots Nature plates are just wonderful - the perfect, serene complement to the natural images.

And here are some of those flowers in situ...

I suppose I should really show you the whole house, shouldn't I?!

And just a little reminder of that texture up the sides...

And just to finish off... this was a pretty chaotic make, as you'll see from the photo below, and a late finish, but - I kid you not - every single item on this desk (that's all of them, including the stuff in the background) had to be in boxes ready to move house less than 12 hours after this photo was taken.  

I took the "finished" pictures in between carrying boxes to the car... but I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you've enjoyed this blast from the past.  There's another Encore on its way soon, and believe it or not there's a brand new project coming your way before the end of the month!  For now, I'll love you and leave you and wish you happy crafting.   

I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. 
From The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard


brenda said...

Who would have thought a simple wooden framework could be transformed into something so beautiful Alison. And those flowers are awesome.

B x

chrissie said...

I remember the piece now as I so loved the sides with the texture. Great to see it again and be inspired once more.

Enjoy your short stay at home though it sounds like you have things tyhat must be done.

Take care

Love Chrissie xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Yes! Definitely as fabulous second time around! I have scrolled back and to as there are techniques in this project that I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting myself back then! Enjoy your travels! Hugs, Chrisx

Anneke said...

Your house looks gorgeous Alison.
So much work and so many lovely pictures.
Thans for showing us. I really love it.

Pamellia said...

Wow Alison. I loved it when it was empty but now I'm just drooling! So many incredible details! happy weekend, get some rest :)

Gloria S said...


Almo said...

I had forgotten how many wonderful techniques you had used throughout this wonderful little house Alison so it is so nice to be given a second viewing to enjoy them all over again. Mo x

Helen said...

I had forgotten this magical project, it is wonderful to see it again. hope you have a good (even if short) time at home before going off again!!

Meggymay said...

It is just as awesome this second time, enjoy your visit home.
Yvonne xx

Lys said...

Fantastic! And so many details... Have a good rest.

froebelsternchen said...

It is so beautiful! Worth to see it a second time!
oxo Susi

Sandy said...

You have more creativity and skill in your little finger than most people will ever have in a life time. You also have tons of energy for you cannot sleep - wash clothes and so such incredible makes. You made a wonderful partner for you Mom with her miniatures. You know I love to visit you although I do not always comment!
sandy xx

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, you finished this just before moving! I am so impressed. Everything about it is stunning. The rust and vanilla with all that detail work is absolutely breathtaking.

Redanne said...

It was beautiful empty Alison but now it is stunning! Love the rusty pieces especially! Anne xx

sarascloset said...

It must feel good to be home. I hope you are getting some much needed rest. I love your little house and all the fantastic details...especially those rusty looking flowers. Hugs!

Barbara said...

I remember this work when it was empty and it was already beautiful! now it's totally stunning! Love every additions! Metal, sentiment, stamps, little objects, colors... Absolutely Alison's style! ! Barbara

Brenda Brown said...

Lots of fabulous detail to look at again and what amazing little cameo s cations.
Happy Sunday.
Hugs Brenda xxx

Astrid Maclean said...

Another wonderful encore creation, good to see it again! Hope your travels are still going well and are enjoyable!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I was worth the wait! Those rusted flowers could not look more real...like they were left outside in the rain for years! GORGEOUS!!! I love each cubby hole!!!

Cocofolies said...

Oh Alison, starting a bit of catching-up with your blog too by this last post, I want to tell you how much I had LOVED this decorated Spring house... It was really a stunner!!! Also a feast for the eyes, the colours and contrasts are so superb on the flowers, the house and all the stamped images.
It even inspires me highly since I have a particular journal page to create next week.. maybe I will use your wonderful combo of colours!
Hugs (and many thanks for visiting again today, especially in between two trips... I didn't know that, my apologies). Have a good next departure and business adventure! :) xxx

Pawsitively Creative said...

Golly gosh! There are so many components to this house and every time I look at it, I see something new. Awesome sauce contrast with the rusty bits and the vanilla colors. Fantabulous stamps and textures and colors and stencils and everything! Wowzers and Wowzers!!! Hugz. ~Niki

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Wonderful designed art work!
Hugs Anja

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oooh! Moving in day is always so exciting and this is no exception. Such glorious details. Lovely! Lx

Margik said...

Wonderful creation and lovely details on it!
Mar xx

Adventures in Paperland said...

One word - stunning! :)

Diana Taylor said...

Totally delightful - I love your details adn the rich reddish browns work so well with the delicate blues and greens - so, so lovely.