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Monday 26 June 2023

I'm a teacher on Fodder School 3!

There are several reasons I've been absent from Craftyblogland lately, but the main one is that I have been extremely busy behind the scenes preparing for a huge new adventure.  I'm thrilled finally to be able to reveal that I am one of the twelve teachers on Fodder School 3, beginning in October this year.  I've been on a steep learning curve of filming, editing and so on, which has been challenging but also very exciting.

The reason I'm telling you now is that in July you can participate for FREE in the Fodder Challenge... twelve days of mixed media classes, one with each of the Fodder School teachers, so that you can get a taste of what's to come over the Fodder School year.  And it will be your first chance to see some of my creative process in action, and create alongside me (unless you made it to one of my Ally Pally PaperArtsy demos in years gone by!).  

The photos in this post are some sneak peeks of what I'll be sharing during the Fodder Challenge, but there are teachers with so many different styles and techniques, that there will be something for everyone.

If you’re not familiar with the term “Collage Fodder “ it simply means anything and everything that an artist could use to create mixed media and collage art.  From found objects to vintage ephemera to hand painted collage papers and fabrics, they all count as creative fodder for collaging and making.

The Fodder Challenge gives you a chance to start exploring the idea of creating fodder, and it's completely free.  Starting on July 10th, you’ll get one new collage fodder creation and/or mixed media project lesson by video each day for 12 days, with access to the videos until August 5th.  (You will get lifetime access to those lessons if you sign up for Fodder School 3.) 

If you want to share photos of what you make in the challenge, you can post them on Instagram using the #fodderchallenge and/or join and share in the Facebook Group “Fodder Challenge 2023".  Last year, 10,000 artists participated in Fodder Challenge, so if you want to ignite your creativity and have a whole lot of fun, please join in!

Fodder School and The FREE Fodder Challenge are hosted by @willa.wanders and @tiffanysimplysharpe

The Fodder School 3 Teachers are:

Jennifer @jenniferwilkinpenick
Susanne @mitkrearum
Yetunde @yaytoonday
Alison @w0rdsandp1ctures
Chris @christinekarpiak
Di @di.venter
Kecia @keciadeveney
Shay @shaymichellestudios
Megan @meganquinlanstudio
Sarah @juicy.s.art
Barb @barbsmuckerstudio
Tiffany @tiffanysimplysharpe

You can register now for The FREE Fodder Challenge at willawanders.com

I hope you'll come and play along with the Fodder Challenge - I'd love to see you there... it would be really nice to have some old friends along on this new journey!  And maybe you'll be tempted to join in the full scale Fodder School 3 - of which more later on.  In the meantime, happy crafting all!

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