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Tuesday 6 November 2012

Smashing Fashion

Hello all!  It's fantastic you've been able to drop by, as I'm thrilled to be able to share a piece of news with you today.  

I've been invited by the fantastic Caro (a.k.a. cbee) to join the Design Team at Fun With ATCs, and today's the first chance to share some ATCs with you, and for you to find out about my new team members.  I'm sharing two ATCs today... and I'll explain why.  WARNING: what follows is not in my usual vein (though normal service is resumed further down the page).

The challenge of the discipline of the ATC format - Artist Trading Cards, 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size - is a really fresh and exciting one for me.  However, I did feel a slight sinking of the heart when I found out that the first theme I'd be involved with was to be Fashion.  It's really not my world... and although I was mainly thinking about it in vintage terms (of course!), I still kept getting caught up in my internal response to the word "Fashion", which is a politically pretty angry response.  A lot of ATCs ended up in the bin, simply not working out.

In the end, to get it out of my system, I decided to put that response down in black and white, on an ATC, in the hope that it would free me up to do something a bit more fun and 'challenge-appropriate'.  So, those of a nervous disposition, you're welcome to scroll past this one straight to the 'vanilla' vintage version of Fashion further down the post... but this is what the word really triggers in me:

I offered this up on the Fun With ATCs Design Team forum, to let them know I really was trying to come up with something (and where, to be honest, it went down pretty well), and then also uploaded my lighter take on the theme later in the day.  To this moment, I'm still not sure which of the two the lovely Caro will choose to feature amongst the DT projects over at the Challenge!  

(I ought, of course, to give you the lowdown - perhaps I should say "the skinny" - on the stamp: my skeletal model is from Oxford Impressions' Dr Coffin's Apothecary set.  I hadn't previously noticed how provocatively he was posing...)

So, in a return to usual business, here's the vintage fashion ATC I finally came up with once I'd got that all off my chest!

The stamps are from Indigoblu's Yorkshire Evening Post set, stamped in Coffee Archival, and I've used Distress Markers to rough in some colour - Tumbled Glass and Bundled Sage (ooh, that pairing is doing wonderful things to my Word Coach brain).

They are edged, of course, with Vintage Photo and the Tim Holtz paper distresser.

They're backed onto some leftovers - the trimmings from the embossed panel in my gingham tag, using a TH embossing folder. 

Here, the embossing has been shaded with Antique Linen, Vintage Photo and some lovely Sea Breeze Versamagic Chalk Ink.  There's also a touch of that on the image edges.  I love its chalky opacity and, of course, the colour!


So, ATCs make for pretty short posts (for me)... so I really hope you'll take the time saved here to visit Fun With ATCs and see what my amazing DT compadres have cooked up - there are some familiar faces amongst them that I think you'll enjoy!  We would love it if you played along with the Fashion challenge - and, as you can see, whatever you come up with will be fine by me!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I look forward to seeing you again soon, perhaps with an ATC for me to visit...

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
Oscar Wilde

A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.
George Bernard Shaw

Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.
Quentin Crisp

I'm going to stir the pot a little further by offering up my fashion smashing ATC to the Anything But a Card challenge which is to Incorporate Black on, of course, anything but a card


House of Bears said...

Although we do love your vintage ATC, the skeleton says it all really, it's fab.

Redanne said...

Congratulations on your news! All I can say is well done Alison for your first ATC! I share your view, having worked in Mental Health for many years - your ATC is bold, startling and sadly, true.

But my softer side loves the vintage ones too, the beautiful colours and the 'gentle fashions' they portray. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Claudia N. said...

Love both of them, Alison!

The first one, because it shows a truth we so love to ignore. The second, as it is pure eye-candy!

die amelie xx

Jenny Marples said...

Congratulations on your latest venture!! Looking forward to seeing how you approach the form of ATC's. Whilst your second is soft and feminine it's the first one that does it for me. I concur wholeheartedly with your view of the industry, and sadly the world of TV seems to be going the same way. Huge crafty hugs, Jenny x

Deborah said...

I love the first one. I don't feel as strongly as you (my main gripe is the lack of decent affordable fashion for size 16plus), I just like to see crafters pushing the boundaries.

Netty said...

Definitely go with your instincts as its definitely paid off. You do the dramatic so well.
Congratulations on your new DT appointment, hope you have fun, xx

Andrea Small said...

Congratulations on your appointment :-) It will come as no surprise to you that I love the first card - in fact I think you should produce it as a postcard - I'd buy a supply xx

Cestina said...

I agree with Andrea - though I am also rather taken with the pretty hats for children....

mark gould said...

lol, I love them both, they suit both sides of my personality, the top one just edges it out for me though as it is nice and provocative and sadly very true.Both look stunning. x

Darlene said...

I agree with Andrea also !!! Luv the first ATC !!! way to go to voice your thoughts like that!! be strong and carry on !!

Lucy Edmondson said...

I love your fashion ATCs and am so pleased at your much deserved good news. I started off reading and thinking that I wouldn't share your views as I love clothes but I totally agree with all the things on your list. I see the clothes my nieces go out in and it is horrifying. I also hate the celebrity shallowness about appearance and weight. I smiled at the comment about consumerist desire as that is me and craft goodies!

Lucy x

Words and Pictures said...

Ho hum... yup, you've snaffled me there, Lucy - endless unfulfillable craft stash desires infect me too!!
Alison xx

catherine said...

Well done Alison on your good news and I'm sure you will fit in so well with the team. These look absolutely super
x catherine

Gráinne said...

I'm with Andrea ... would buy some, too.
Great ATCs, Alison, love both of them, but the first one a little better. It's the sad, unadorned truth, which the public and the textile and clothing industry so succesfully deny.

Rosie said...

Wow, your ATCs are gorgeous

Katherine said...

Super...the sad thing is that the 1st one is true too - maybe we can all change the world together (that's my hope anyway)

Cathy L. Calamas said...

The second ATC is quite lovely but I have to say I love the first one. I think your best work always comes from what is truly inside you.

May said...

Gorgeous ATC's Alison... Your work is always fabulous... love it! Great news about the DT Team post... they are so lucky to have you... Love that 1st ATC... so true!! Hugs May x x x

Carol Q said...

love your fashion page Alison.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Congratulations, great news. Your ATCs look fantastic.

Margaret said...

I love how you put your soul searching into the first ATC! This is the part of art that we often don't share with others even though it is what shapes all that we do!
I have to narcissistically say that I do love the wonderful vintage hats in your second ATC!!
Such a wonderful contrast between the two! Thanks so much for joining us in our 'black' challenge at Anything But a Card!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alison!
You were having what I term "a rant" lol but you have gone one step better as I am calling this an artistic rant and why not, it is good to have opinions and every now and again to voice them.
Although completely different in style and approach I applaud you Alison for your versatility, they are really fabulous, they really are.

Yvonne said...

Fabulous ATCs!

Faye said...

Although I haven't actually met any of my arty blog friends, I have noted that most tend to like spending their spare change on art materials rather than clothes. I think your points in the first ATC are well taken. In my state of Virginia, however, obesity is a much bigger concern than bulimia or anorexia, but none of the inordinate attention to size is good.

All that said, I really love your vintage card. And congrats on being on the DT. I look forward to seeing more of your innovative work.

Unknown said...

Let me comment in reverse order-the second ATC is in true wonderful vintage style and I love it. It is the first ATC that really struck a chord with me though. I feel as you do and as I went down that list I truly connected to what you are trying to convey. I hope they are brave enough to run the first one. ;) Congrats to you on your well deserved appointment to this team Alison. ATC's hmmmmmm....the next frontier. Sounds good to me. :) Can't wait to play with you guys soon.
Lisa xx

Brenda Brown said...

So many of the comments reflect my thoughts as I read your first ATC and I want to congratulate you Alison for not only getting it out of your system in this way but to share it on your blog. If only we could change the world, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
Your vintage ATC is also a masterpiece, a wonderful connection to fashions long ago.
Hope your week is going well.
hugs {brenda} xox

Michelle Webb said...

I've missed so many great posts on your blog Alison, I'm about to make sure I catch up on your posts, I love reading them. You have a way with words that is very likeable. xx Really great ATC's Alison, the first one really made me think, yeh you're right! I love the way you have coloured the embossed card too. Just gorgeous. Michelle x

Inkypinkycraft said...

Both great atcs in different ways...congratulations Alison and well deserved! HUGS TRACE X

froebelsternchen said...

Alison your Atcs are just gorgeous!
Oh I am sorry - it´s really bäääh - I leave the team when you are coming.
I am sorry, but I made this for such a long time and really want to make some other things now.
I hope you can understand me..
it was a great team and will be a great team and challenge in future!
I think you will have much fun with this job- I had it really! Sometimes there have to be changes and that is often the best .. and new artist bring new art.. that ist fabulous and exciting!
I like your great art so much!
Have fun!

xxx Susi

Janny Jager said...

Very very beautiful Alison.
The Atc i lovevery very much.

Greetings Janny

Lisa Minckler said...

You slay me with your humor! The way you write just pulls me in and I'm always a little saddened when it ends. I so very much admire both of your offering to the ATC challenge (which by the way, CONGRATS to you girl!!) That's wonderful news. I'm so NOT into fashion and haven't the first clue about any of it, so I'm going to have to say I'm partial to the first. I see it all as vanity on the catwalk, but that's just me. Of course, I too have that skinny model inside me...I like to shut her up with chocolate!! :) Bwhahahaha....
Fantastic work Alison.
Lisa xx

sam21ski said...

I LOVE that skelly!!!

Sam xxx

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I've been thinking about my comment on this for a bit so as not to step on any proverbial toes...lol!
Every single 'Con' point you made on the Fashion skeletal ATC is true, and even more can be added, but if there were a flip side debating the front, there could be a good list of 'Pros' as well. I think it is saddening that MOST of the big powerhouse couture designers/companies, along with the various media, have turned the meaning of fashion nowadays into a greed loving, body image degradation, and sex selling industry, that has blown to bits the bridge between upper and lower income, so much so that the birth of forgeries and replicas have become issue and are a criminal offense. Moreover, young girls are hurting themselves all in the name of fashion, while the elder woman snubs those who don't have the IT thing.
However, there are designers/companies who create smart, conservative, chic, trendy, and well made items, for all sizes, who charge a fair price, but they are few. I know how I feel wearing sweats out in public as opposed to wearing an appropriate dress, and how people treat me with both. I like to look nice, neat, and smart, and behave the same way. I love supple and rich leathers and soft breathable fabrics that fit correctly as I'm a big girl. I love the vintage finds that fit this bill, and the chic and classy ways of the past...Audrey Hepburn is a fav! I wish it was still like that, but as long as people keep buying into the negative aspects of nowaday fashion, nothing will change. So ultimately it's in our hands, and your post is a perfect eye opener to help people realize this. I love fashion...but only the good bits...like your chic vintage ATC's. Gorgeous!
It's amazing that so much ART is inspired by fashion and the color of the moment, and vise verse. It's amazing that you as an Artist and blogger can try to fix the inequities of our time and make your voice heard. I hope you can make a difference. I hope we all can! Kudos to you!
Sorry to be so opinionated. I need a vacation and soon!

Words and Pictures said...

Thank you for that fantastic comment, Anita!

Opinions are an excellent thing, not to be apologised for, especially when they are based on thought and analysis, as yours (Anita) clearly are...

And of course the first ATC is seeing it very much in "black and white", and there are always honourable exceptions - and I hope that my post, ending up as it does with an ATC in full celebration of fashion (okay, not the present day version maybe), isn't only one-sided!

I've loved reading the responses, as I was wary of posting the first one - not wanting to tread on toes - but decided in favour of an authentic record of my process... and it's been wonderful hearing what you (all) made of it! Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.
Alison xx

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I hope no one takes what I said negatively towards you! I applaud you! And, your post is not one sided. You portrayed the problems of the industry in the first card, and the amazing parts in the latter. What a fantastic job and comparison! I love them both!!!
I must be lonely...I just want to talk!!!!!

Bonnie Irvine said...

Alison, congrats on the DT position. You certainly will be an asset to the team. These atcs are fabulous. I thoroughly enjoy the atc size for art although it does take some getting used to. I like both your vintage one and the skeleton one. The vintage ones are gorgeous and remind me of a simpler time when fashion seemed more fun and less damaging. Your skeleton one is startling and strong and I like that because it makes me think and gets people discussing and I see that as valuable. It's interesting to see both the problems and constraints of fashion as well as the freedom of expression and delight it can bring. I guess like many things, it's not the vehicle but how we drive it that makes the difference.

Julia S-W said...

I'm catching up at last!!
Where to start? Well, I agree with each and every point on your skeleton ATC and as I get older and therefore more 'invisible', I realise just how much society is affected by looks and appearance. I have always been a tiny person but since retiring from teaching, I've put on some weight due to much less running around - so many people comment on it and they are the same ones who would berate me for being small! I have dealt with many children who were devastated not to fit what they felt was the accepted norm in terms of body size, clothes and so on. It was often heart breaking and difficult to listen to.
I love your vintage ATC's but my favourite has to be that saucy skeleton man. . . . !
Thanks so much for your wonderful post which I'm reading with a glass of prosecco - how decadent is that! (how fattening too!!)
So glad you joined us at Anything But A Card Alison and I do hope we'll see you again.
Many congratulations on your well deserved DT call too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kezzy said...

Mega congrats on being chosen on the ATC design team :-) I completely agree with your first ATC, I have a 16yr old daughter and have always taught her to wear what she wants, luckily that's exactly what she does, she loves jeans and T shirts and is quite happy if they are bought from Asda. My mates Uncle had a friends whos daughter quit suicide at the age of 14 because she was being bullied at school, she wasn't happy with her appearance, how tragic is that. Love the ATC's I often go for this stamp set when I want odd bits for vintage fashion. Hugs Kerry xxx