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Tuesday 1 September 2020

September Leaves

Hello all and a very happy September to you.

I thought I'd drop in to share some more of the backlog of tags I've been creating with a newly active mojo here in the Czech Republic (overseeing the final stages of building work before coming back to the UK to pack up my life and ship it over here - all before 31st December... stressed, not much!).

But partly because of my limited travelling stash (fewer decisions to make - just got to go with what I've got), and partly thanks to Speckled Egg (a colour which fired my enthusiasm no end) I've found myself getting really inky at the craft table.

This is one of three backgrounds which all came into being together, but each took a slightly different journey as I worked out what to put onto them.  So here's the first of the three and the other two will tip up soon.

The background is a combination of inks and oxides, smooshed until they made my heart sing.

I stamped the Tim Holtz leaves onto another smooshed background and cut them out, clear-embossing the outlines before adding little sprinkles of Frantage Aged Silver.

I think that gives them a look of sparkling dew or sunlight catching glossy leaf edges.

In between the stamped leaves, I wedged some metal filigree leaves which have also had a coating of the Aged Silver powder.  The gleam is gorgeous without being too in your face.

The stars are also done with the Aged Silver over some stencilled texture paste.

The paste I used was a bit sloppy, so we haven't go the cleanest of finishes on the edges of the stars, but that really doesn't bother me.  I just love the gnarly knobbly texture.

The Quote Chip seemed like the right way to add the words.

I dyed the crinkle ribbons to match for the topping and tied them with some simple twine.  The fine silvery ribbon is cut out of the shoulder of a blouse (one of those ones they put in to keep them on the hanger, but I never use them for that... much better to add them to the craft stash!).

The sparkle is really rather lovely on this.  I don't get blingy very often but just occasionally it's fun!  I shared a little video clip of them on Instagram, but I seem to have deleted it before uploading it here.

I have still got the one of all three tags together though, so I'll make sure to hang on to that until I've posted all three, so you'll get to see the video in the third of the posts (if New Blogger lets me upload it).

Have just had to revert to Legacy yet again in order to get my photos where I want them.  If they don't sort it out before taking Legacy away, it is going to be the end of my blogging I think.  I am so sad, angry, frustrated, depressed about it.

Sorry, didn't mean to end on a down note.  I really hope you all have a wonderful September.  Happy crafting all.

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.
Walt Whitman


Valerie-Jael said...

A wonderful tag Alison, with a hint of autumn and frost in it, just lovely! Have a wonderful September, hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh when you said you had to work with limited supplies. Welcome to MY world (grin). Your limited supplies are so much nicer than mine, though. Those leaves are incredible. I LOVE the layering of the stamped leaves with the filigree leaves. Even your stars are gorgeous, even though you were disappointed. This is a gem and I adore it, Alison.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention that I am using Legacy until I'm forced to change. It's not that I resist change, I just resist being FORCED to change. I'm creating art and posts as fast as I can until Legacy is gone for good.

Redanne said...

First of all, I am so sorry you are still having issues with the new blogger. It is no consolation but I am struggling with it too, but am determined to press on with it as well as the 'new' Facebook and trying out a new Instagram scheduling package. I must be mad!

Your tag is absolutely stunning, the combination of colours is so soothing to my eye and I love those embossed metal leaves woven through. The stars are a delightful addition and the ribbon topping is gorgeous.

You certainly have a lot on at the moment but I hope your crafting relieves some of those tensions.... Stay safe and well. Anne xx

Mac Mable said...

What a glorious tag Alison, full of texture, subtle bling and wonderful colours x. The frantage looks fabulous and so are those amazing leaves x. I too cut off those little ribbons from clothes and keep them to use x. Good luck with all the packing etc and what wonderful new adventures for you x.

Amanda said...

Beautiful and your leaves look so real. It just goes to show that we don’t really need the huge stock piles of product that we all accumulate to make great art. I seem to have got to grips with new blogger, well of a sort. It would be such a shame if you abandoned your blog social media doesn’t have the same heart in it. I didn’t realise you were moving, good luck with all the prep.
Amanda x

Mrs.B said...

A beautiful tag Alison, the leaves look so real with their mottled shades and I do love the added bling.
I'm still on Legacy - just haven't had time to mess about with the new one yet, but I suppose we'll get forced to it soon.
Avril xx

Heather said...

Such a beautiful tag. Good luck with the move.

Marci said...


craftytrog said...

Such a stunning autumnal tag Alison!
I still haven't switched to new blogger. I can't believe they haven't got it sorted yet. When I tried it, adding links was a problem. They need to get their act together!
Alison xx

experiments in paper said...

Exquisite tags, Alison - the photos literally took my breath away! I adore the colors, and those leaves with the frantage - brilliant! I've not been into blogland for quite a while - but it makes me happy to hear you're making the move....a lot of work, but oh so worth it! I do so hope you can continue blogging, lest we lose touch altogether. Perhaps another platform? Meanwhile, I am attempting to coax even a little mojo... this post certainly helps! xxx Lynn

Chrissy said...

Oh, how I love autumn/fall and the colours you have here just make my heart sing, I LOVE the rust colours and the crunchy textures and glimmer and sparkle, I love the skeleton leaves and chunky gold stars and of course the amazing background..FABulous Alison..


Sandy said...

If anyone shines like the stars you do!! This is really stunning!!
Sandy xx

Christine Alexander said...

wow these leaves are on the top of my Love list. Love all the autumn colours withe the twist of silver :)

Craftyfield said...

The aged silver embossing on the leaves looks fantastic, a gorgeous counterpoint for the rusty colours! Still shirking the new Blogger but I intend to get one post all the way through and try to make it work... x

Aimeslee Winans said...

Wow this is gorgeous work! Love the ribbon recycle and I sure hope your move goes well. I'm sitting here just in fear of blogger, as I have managed to stay in legacy, why i do not know but I feel blessed. XXO

Cocofolies said...

Fabulous tag Alison!!!
I love your exquisite leaves, so realistic and beautiful with the touches of frantage silver embossing powder.
A delicate entry in the colours and spirit of Autumn... :)
Take care and enjoy your craft time at the moment!
Hugs, Corinne X

Patty O'Malley said...

Fantastic Fall tag, Alison! I love sparkle!

Sue said...

This is absolutely stunning Alison. These colours together are magnificent, along with the glistening Frantage. I've finally got my hands on some Speckled Egg and I can't wait to try it. Good luck with the builders and packing, nothing to stress about at all eek! xx

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

These leaves look amazing on this.... The sparky really sets them. Off as well. Happy moving, hard but also exciting!

Anke said...

WOW ein traumhaftes Tag, eine ganz besondere Arbeit, gefällt mir sehr.

Liebe Grüße
von Anke

Neet said...

I love the tiny bits of embossing on the edges of the leaves, something I have done in the past - but never done on a metallic leaf like you have - something to try in the future.
This is a beautiful tag, enhanced by your love of Speckled Egg which seems to be a main feature with you at the moment, so glad it has influenced you and stirred your mojo. I just enjoy your work so much.
Hugs, Neet xx