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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Life is...

Hello all!  I'm here with a trio of altered money envelopes today.  They were made as samples for one of my latest stamp sets, launched last month by PaperArtsy.  All the quotes on these come from EAB19 Life & Living.

They ended up needing to be a trio because each of them starts with the phrase "Life is..." (or in one case "Life isn't..." but it then goes on to tell you what "Life is..." in the second half!).

The cash envelopes are actually just slightly larger than ATC sized, especially when you leave the top flap open, as I have, to receive possible gift vouchers or cash as a gift.

I won't keep you long, as these were really pretty simple to make, but just in case you want to know how, keep reading.

I started by smearing gesso onto the envelopes with a palette knife.  It's really not important to be neat or precise with this bit.

Next, I added watery washes from the chosen palette - a green-turquoise-blue-purple spectrum.

Once that was all dry, I stamped some of Courtney's fabulous leaves from ECF06, combining Leaf Green and Olive Archival directly on the stamp.

Some of the postmarks from the same set are stamped around the place in French Ultramarine Archival.

The French Ultramarine is actually a soft purply pale blue, so fitted perfectly with the paint palette.

I stamped the quotes on separate pieces of card, and embossed them in Wow Earthtone Pepper. 

I love this speckled grey, especially when it catches the light... it makes me very happy.

And I did want to have the authors' names somewhere in the mix.  Obviously, you can just cut them off and discard them, but sometimes I like to have them around.

Rather than have them conventionally attached somewhere as a footnote, I used them as little balancing accents in opposite upper corners.

Okay, Helen Keller made it to footnote sort of place in the bottom corner, but only because that was the position needed to get a balanced composition.

The cotton thread adds movement and dimension.

I love how the spontaneous coils and swirls bring everything to life.  And of course there's plenty of splatter, which I find has a similar effect.

If I'm using the method of stamping on a separate piece of paper and then cutting the quotes up, rather than stamping straight on a project, the positioning of the words is worth some attention.

For instance, with this Einstein quote, you can create the pause needed for the comic timing of the quote by leaving visual space between the words.

But maybe that's just me... I know I do have a strange and particular brain as far as words are concerned!

So there you go - another batch of samples from the new stamp sets.  I hope you like them.  My favourites are still to come.  That's going to be a more complicated blogpost to write.  

Hopefully now I'm safely settled in the Czech Republic (for a few weeks at least - all a bit up in the air, depending on building work) I'll have more time to play with.  I've got most of the unpacking done, and the travelling craft stash organised... there's quite a lot, though the pile is smaller than on some occasions in the past - have a look here, third photo down!).

Three Tim Holtz stamp folders, plus assorted extra stamps; plenty of Distress Ink and Oxide pads in the TH Cargo Case; tools and brushes and powders in the little Wendy Vecchi bag; and a couple of cardboard boxes rammed full - here's a sample of the top layer of the little one.  Next time out I'll try to remember to show you a couple of pictures of my current set up.

I hope you're all thriving this week, or at least surviving.  Stay safe, stay well everyone, and happy crafting!

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu


Helen said...

glad you've arrived safely, hope you have a good time! I love the envelope trio.

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful envelopes, love the colours, they will make wonderful presents. Have a good and safe week, hugs, Valerie

Amanda said...

Mmmmmm I notice some rusting stash nestled in the top of your well stuffed box, look forward to you using that. Have a lovely stay.
Love your coin bags that caught my eye on your stamp launch.
Amanda x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great collection of stash and loving the envelope designs. So pleased to hear you've arrived safely. Happy crafty week, Angela xxx

My name is Erika. said...

I do hope your settled in the Czech Republic and playing with all those fun art supplies. That is quite the traveling stash. Nice. And nice money envelopes too. I have those leaf stamps and I just love them! Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you'll have time to play now that you are settled in the Czech Republic for a few weeks. I couldn't believe all the goodies you brought with you. I laughed at the image from the previous time. You had SO much stuff and a small bag of clothes for 10 weeks. Sounds like something I would do, but only with less well known products (grin).

These coin/money envelopes are beautiful. I like how you displayed the quotes. I also LOVE the blue and green palette you used. These are truly incredible and fabulous.

craftytrog said...

These little envelopes are beautiful works of art Alison. I love the colours and quotes.
Glad you arrived safely, have a lovely time.
Alison xx

Nan G said...

A beautiful showcase for the quotes. I do love a girl who’s got her packing priories right! :) Enjoy your time in the Czech Republic. When do you move completely?

Neet said...

Nice that you are settled in the Czech Republic, hope the weather is being kind to you, better than here, it is wet and windy in the north of England. Like your stash of things you took over, hope there is enough to keep you going but I guess there is always mail order as well.
Lovely stamping project, the envelopes are beautifully done and I was thinking that maybe all those translucent paints I have could be used in this way - over Gesso. I just went with the colours when I bought them but hardly use them these days.
I love the colours you chose to these great quotes and the images really enhance the background colour. The splatters bring the design to the very edges of the 'canvas' and provide the eye with a pathway to the words.
Lovely - Hugs, Neet xx

Unknown said...

Beautiful little envelopes Alison. So glad the settling in has gone rather smoothly. You have to be so picky when packing up some art supplies and there is always something else you needed, at least that is what happens with my knitting supplies. :) Stay well and creative.

Mac Mable said...

Great combination of colours and stamping on your wonderful trio of money/cash envelopes and loving the quotes x. Fabulous stash you have taken with you to The Czech Republic and enjoy using it x. Stay safe and well Alison x.

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

LOVE these little seed packet ATC envelopes...what a cool idea too. So you!

Redanne said...

Firstly, I am glad to hear you are safely settled, at least for the time being.

The envelopes are lovely, perfect colours, lovely stamping and the thread is such a lovely touch with that hint of sparkle.

Stay safe and well and I hope you find some time to use all that lovely stash you took with you! Anne xx

Christine Alexander said...

wonderful inspiration using the coin envelopes, thanks for some layout information about balancing the composition :)
The Czech Republic sounds so exciting.

froebelsternchen said...

Absolutely gorgeous Alison!!!

Karen said...

Very pretty, I love how they can be used for gift giving. Enjoy your time away!

Cocofolies said...

These are beautiful, Alison!
Look simple to create, but very effective, each envelope is a lovely sample with a unique great quote on Life.
Well.. I hope you arrived safely (and unpacked everything haha!!) in Czech Republic now. If you plan to stay for long, please send me your address where you are?.. I want to send you something after my holidays (It's not finished yet, sorry... I wanted to do it before, but time was missing :(
It should be after I'll be back home, in 3 weeks now :)
Take care, and enjoy you family time!
Hugs, Corinne xx

Sue said...

I love these envelopes, beautiful colours and the thread really ties it all together (no pun intended) I'm glad you've settled in safely, I hope your crafting and building works all go according to plan. Take care, Sue x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Good to hear you have arrived safely Alison I was wondering before I popped over if you had landed yet, looks like you have plenty of crafty bits to keep you busy. Hope you find some quietness to play and create without too much interference. Your little envelope pockets are very sweet and uniform, they would make lovely money wallets for gifts.
Take care & stay very safe Hugs Tracey xx

Mrs.B said...

I've had such a lovely catch up and decorating these little money envelopes is such a good idea.
Hope you are enjoying your time in the Czech Republic.
Hugs, Avril xx