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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Look back, moving forward - 2019

Hello all and a very happy New Year to you!  As we ring out the old and ring in the new, I'm here with my annual review.  I think it's worth looking back to see the path this creative journey has been taking me on...  Perhaps it will help shape the next stages of the journey, or maybe it will inspire me in whole new directions.

Here are some of my favourite projects from 2019 - moving through the year chronologically, so we start back in last January.  I think you can see the seasons changing as you go!  I've a few thoughts at the end about things I noticed as I was choosing them.  I hope you enjoy the ride.  (As always, you can click on the links to see the projects in more detail.)

The usual suspects are all in place - inks and paints, texture and dimension, and always the inspiration of nature, but if there's one main development which strikes me, it's that there's a little more colour variation here than usual.  There have always been occasional projects which strike out in different colour directions, but it's rare for them to make it into the favourites pile, so that's worth noticing.

And the words are ever present alongside the pictures.  It's been another exciting year on the word front, with two releases of my quote stamps at PaperArtsy, a total of six new sets to play with - Friends & Friendship, Wings & Flight, and the Love Edition in the February release, and then Travel & Journeys, Sunshine & Rain, and the Happiness Edition in September's launch.  

I've continued my journey with watercolours - the Grey Blues here are just the tip of the iceberg (oh, and my little watercolour pear too, of course).  Most of what I've been doing hasn't really appeared here on the blog, though I did share some glimpses and peeks back in April.  There have also been some journeys into acrylic paintings in the last year... it's probably time to start sharing some more of that work here on the blog in 2020.  We'll see!

I'm so grateful for all my visitors, wherever you arrive from and however long or short your visit.  But I do want to celebrate the fact that, even though many creatives prefer Facebook or Instagram these days for sharing their work, there are still some of us sticking to blogging, sharing things in more detail and exchanging tips and techniques.  I even have Instagram plans myself for later this year (I've got to complete my move to another country first!), but I'll still be here at Words & Pictures too.  It's my own virtual scrapbook recording the journey.

I really value this creative community, even though I'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to not always finding enough time for it all!  I thank you for your company, your wonderful comments and all the inspiration I continue to find whenever I'm out and about in Craftyblogland.

Creative playtime is vital to the human spirit, whether we share on blogs, on other social media, with friends and family, and even (or maybe especially) when it's just for ourselves.  I for one am determined to carry on celebrating the imaginative release, the meditative focus, the emotional outlet, the storytelling and the escape that creativity offers.  It refreshes and reinvigorates us to deal with the outside world again.  I hope that 2020 will bring creative inspiration, stimulation, fulfilment, and above all joy to us all.  We're going to need it!  Happy New Year, everyone.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.
Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Helen said...

I haven't crafted enough this year (last) to do a review... hoping 2020 will be different. Great to see some of your best and favourite projects again. Happy New Year to you.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

What an amazing review and they all gave a wonderful organic natural feel to them . I adore the fireplace , absolutely stunning just like your artwork review . Happy New Year ❤️❤️

sirkkis said...

It was quite an experience to look at your lovely, gorgeous art works over the past year here now. Super beautiful everyone!
I than you your kind words on my site,
and wish you happy, inspiring New Year 2020 xx

Sue said...

Such beautiful works last year Alison, and all so very you! I'm sticking with my blog too as it's my own online journal of my makes. Have a very happy and creative 2020 xx

My name is Erika. said...

That is a super quote and should be added to a set Alison if you haven't already done that. How true. And I love the look back. These pieces are wonderful to see again for a second time. Wishing you a creative and happy 2020 and hopefully with enough time on occasion to keep us viewing your art also. Hugs-Erika

Dorthe said...

Yes I think you are right, Alison, a little more colors this year :-)
They are all gorgeous!!
Also so agree with your words here, -playtime is so important, to be able to cope, with all the horrific things happening in our world, -an d as you say to me,- lets hope 2020 will show just a bit more peace and love between us all . Hugs and Happy New Year, dear. <3 xoxo

Neet said...

I just adore what you do and I love the choices you have made for your annual review. Too many favourites to choose any one to stand out against another.
May you have a full, healthy and happy year ahead.
Hugs, Neet xx

Jane said...

What a fabulous review Alison, I so love your work. Happy new year and here's to more creativity in 2020. Hugs xx

Christine Alexander said...

Alison thanks for amazing inspiration, I'm looking forward to seeing your creations in 2020.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I'm with you, I still prefer blogs where people can open their creative hearts. Facebook always seems to be where people just pass by. I am always pleased when anyone visits me no matter how short the time they stay but I also like somewhere that I can spend some time to play and hopefully inspire others. So that makes your blog perfect for me and I look forward to all the inspiring projects that I know you will show us this new year. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

Julia Aston said...

So nice to see all of these inspiring project once again! Happy New Year Alison! xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Great to see all these beautiful pieces together. Have a creative and fun new year, hugs, Valerie

Redanne said...

Wonderful projects Alison, each and every one a little work of art and all so inspiring! I really do hope that crafters will come back to blogging, it is all so easy just to 'like' a project on FB and Instagram but I love to see how people put their creations together... fingers crossed it will happen one day.

Happy New Year to you and all good wishes to you for 2020. Anne xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Happy New Year Alison, thank you for this magnificent post and share of just a fraction of your stunning talent and creativity. I'm just sorry that I have not been able to be here as often as I would have liked but circumstance can take hold of time as you know.
I do not use Facebook anymore as it blackens my mood and although I do have an instagram account I find it dictates my direction only showing what it wants me to see. Blogger enables me to be in control just like when i'm creating so I will be here for the long run, I do hope you will be too.
Thank you for your kindness over the past year here's to a creative 2020.
Hugs Tracey xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It was a wonderful look back and I actually remember each and everyone of these specific projects you chose to highlight. Each one was a beauty and yes, I could tell as the seasons changed, so did your incredible art.

I'm SO glad to read that you will continue blogging because this is the only platform on which I post. I adore the fact you will keep posting here, and I'm always delighted to see a new post when it shows on my sidebar.

Thank you, too, for your caring comments. I hope you have time to do all you wish in 2020, and your life and art continue to evolve in this, the next decade of the century. Happy, happy New Year, dear Alison.

froebelsternchen said...

Wonderful art Alison! Your stylen just makes me happy!
Have a great 2020!
Big hugs Susi

Linda said...

What an amazing look back at 2019, I'm always so inspired by your work. I may not comment very often but I do love visiting here. Looking forward to seeing more in 2020. Happy New Year xx

Rike said...

This is a great collection of your favourite projects from 2019! My favourite is the one with the window - the idea, the colours and the flowers in front of the card.
Wish you a happy new year 2020 with much creativity!
Rike x

Margaret Mifsud said...

Wow! This is such an amazing and inspiring post Alison! I adore each and every one of these stunning creations! The fabulous textures, subtle colours and lovely words strike a perfect note in my heart .. love, love, love your work. I have been rather slack with my blogging lately but,like you, I do prefer it to fb and instagram. I love seeing how others put their creations together and am determined get back into posting more often. Thank you so much for your visits and the lovely comments you have left for me. I really do appreciate your support. Wishing you and yours the happiest of new years!! hugs xx

craftytrog said...

A wonderful review of your beautiful 2019 art Alison!
Happy new year,
Alison xx

Let's Art Journal said...

I so enjoyed looking back on the year through your amazing artwork! It brings so much joy to see all these stunning makes again and I'm looking forward to being inspired by more of your art throughout 2020 😊. I love creating art too, it's a bit cliché but it helps me breathe! Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with peace, love and happiness! Hugs, Jo x

Craftyfield said...

Beautiful collection Alison, it must have been difficult to chose!
I too prefer blogs, Facebook throws too much at me, most of which is of no interest. And I am also considering Instagram, as it seems it has become a pre-requisite for a lot of DTs.
Happy New Year! xx

Mac Mable said...

I so enjoyed your post Alison...Stunning pieces of art and a wonderful collection to showcase x. I always love to read how things are made and I always love to keep on learning new technique etc...You are hugely inspiring and I cherish our blog friendship x.

Cocofolies said...

An amazing retrospective, I so much love most of these projects!!!!!
You're such a wonderful lady, so clever, uber-talented, and inspiring my dear Alison.
Have a lovely day, hugs Coco xx