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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Google Reader Update

Hello again all!

It may be less drastic than we've all been hearing when Google Reader shuts down.  It seems that Blogger blogs should continue to turn up on your Blogger Dashboard, but it's less clear whether ones like WordPress will.  So I think the idea of backing up what you follow to Bloglovin' or Feedly is still a good idea (and is very easy if done before July 1st)... but hope it may not be too much of a change when it happens.

On the Followers front - the Google Friend Connect should stay for now, but apparently Google have already phased out some elements of it, so again, having another additional way for people to follow you won't hurt - but, with luck, it shouldn't be an immediate problem.

The wonderful Chris Warner (who has a background in IT as well as a fabulous Crafty Blog at My Corner of Heaven) has some further Techy Tips if you want to check them out.

Sorry if I've panicked anyone with my Candy post... I was trying to take a measured approach compared to some of the scaremongering I've been reading!

Now go calm down and relax by Hanging at the Beach in the post below!!


Redanne said...

Hi Alison, I followed your link and then transferred my list over to Bloglovin in no time at all, so thank you for that information. Have still to do the numbers thing (like Jenny did). Thanks again! Hugs, Anne x

maria's knutselplezier said...

What a great work of ART I really love thos stamps but it's so difficult to get them here without the high taxes !!! But fortunatly we can admire your work!!


Netty said...

Loving your beach hanging Alison. I also have heard many rumours but its good to have a back up plan. Annette x

chrissie said...

Love the hanging Alison-made me feel happy :)

I am pleased you alerted us to the Google dilemma and I got bloglovin as a back-up thanks to you. Always better to be ready before the event I think

Love Chrissie xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful project Alison ! Thanks for the info' about Google Reader. I have to say that I was totally oblivious to this. It looks like I shouln't be affected, so fingers crossed ! Sue C x

Carol Q said...

another beautiful creation Alison and I'm off to read the techy info.

Keren Tamir said...

fantastic project Alison!! love it!!

Neet said...

Love the colours you have used on this canvas - I keep wishing I could change our main bathroom to a seaside theme and fill with artwork like this. This is a fabulous canvas - as always from you.

Hugs, Neet xx

Anonymous said...

A wonderful vintage beach theme hanging.
Great colours Alison.

Unknown said...

It will be interesting to see how things go after the 1st July. Glad to hear it might not be such a big deal