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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

More backgrounds in progress

 Hello all... it's still slow-going here.  As soon as the floors go down and there are some unpacking/organising the craft room pictures, I'll be sharing those, but for now here are some more inky backgrounds in progress.  

They're a combination of springtime colours and an ongoing wintry feel... They were made before Christmas (sorry - see I told you it was slow-going around here!) but this is exactly what the weather is doing here at the moment.

We had a wonderful week of sunshine and warm temperatures, but now we're back to freezing fog this morning and there's snow forecast again later in the week.

Ah well, I did know that spring would be later coming here in Central Europe, but it's still a little sad to experience it for real.

Still, the fog adds a touch of mystery to the landscape, and the birds are extra grateful for the food I'm putting out.

For those who want to know a bit about what I used here... one tag has a PaperArtsy crackle background (Snowflake over Crackle Glaze over something dark... don't know what any longer I'm afraid!) and some inky splodges of Stormy Sky and Chipped Sapphire Distress Oxide (and maybe other Inks and Oxides too).

The other has a soft smooshing of, I think, Speckled Egg and Rustic Wilderness over a white painted background, with Stormy Sky and Faded Jeans splodges over the top (there may be some Faded Jeans in both tags, come to think of it).

Then all the stamping is greenery from Tim Holtz's Sketch Greenery stamp plate - which I was lucky enough to win as part of a wonderful goody package from Tim and Mario.

The greens involved are Olive and Leaf Green Archival, tinted with Rustic Wilderness and Peeled Paint Inks and Oxides, and I think there's some Faded Jeans and Speckled Egg stamping too.

I hope you like them.  One has already made its way onto a card, and I'm sure I took some pictures, but at the moment I can't find a photograph of it.  The other is still waiting for some finishing inspiration to strike (and has joined the pile of backgrounds waiting for the same thing!).

I hope you're all doing okay, and I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time catching up with you again soon.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
Anne Bradstreet

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.
George Santayana


Fonda said...

These tags could almost stand as they are, because they look like greenery and flowers!

Sue said...

These are beautiful tags Alison, it would be a shame to cover them up. I didn't realise Spring would be later in Europe, I always thought that everyone had better weather than we do lol. You are certainly not missing anything here, we are forecast to have fog all week! Take care and have a very happy March xx

butterfly said...

It depends where you are in Europe, Sue!! Leandra of PaperArtsy who has moved everything to the Dordogne in France is getting much better than UK weather at the moment. Here in the Czech Republic we're further east (and also at a higher elevation and therefore colder in the area where I am) so it's colder for longer... but also hotter, drier summers for the most part. So it's swings and roundabouts!
Alison xx

Astrid said...

I love your backgrounds sooooo much, you did a wonderful job. And these tags are gorgeous.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your tags are already gems. They could stand on their own, but I know you will add more and more layers as they are needed. Regardless, they are wonderful.

Marci said...

Wonderful tags with lovely colors.

Sandy said...

Did you say backgrounds!?! No, no sweet lady. What I see is way too pretty to be covered up with anything. These works of art should stand alone. Beautifully done Alison and I love the colors you used. You are a very talented artist.
I am like a bad penny - I always turn up!!!!
My best to you and your family,
Sandy xx

craftytrog said...

Beautiful tags Alison!
We've had some freezing fog here too, and my birds and cheeky squirrel are also very grateful for the food and water I put out.
Happy March,
Alison x

Christine Alexander said...

Beautiful Backgrounds Alison, you always nail the splash of colours. I have some PA crackle, I think it's time to pull it out :) Can't wait to see the final pics of your home when it's done XX

sally said...

I confess that I’d be happy to leave the tags as they are! Also that I sometimes use your colour combinations as a jumping off point lol. I know what you mean about spring as we would find that it would be nice and warm even at altitude in the alps but then the weather can change in a blink, it’s been nice here but the 3rd morning in a row of cold foggy weather after a glorious week, can’t wait for better days!

Sally xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Such beautiful backgrounds! I'll need to add stormy skies to my Distress collection ...lol 😉. The crackle background looks so amazing with the green and blues, it looks like winter is turning into spring Infront of my eyes. Stay warm and cosy! Happy March! Hugs, Jo x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

so lovely! I want to say that those tags are perfect as-is, but I know you'll make them perfecter. And that is indeed a word, cuz I said so! Good luck with the move in and the slow to arrive spring.

Mac Mable said...

Yes I agree leave well alone they are amazing ....gorgeous colours, love the crackle and the stamping looks fabulous x. Well done with the win too x.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

These are so pretty, it would be a shame in some ways to add anything else. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

Cocofolies said...

Both are so beautiful tags Alison, I adore the crackled one in particular.
It's a very long time since I have not played myself with some crackle glaze.. I think it could be the good time to do it again today, thanks to you my friend.
Sending hugs and love, hope you're well installed now in your new home and that it's not too cold.
Corinne xx

Neet said...

What beautiful tags, such gorgeous backgrounds - I hope there is not going to be too much on top so we can still enjoy the beauty before us at the moment.
We went to the chiropractor on Tuesday and it was very misty over the hillsides and especially as we passed the reservoirs. Chas said it was low cloud rather than fog that we were seeing but I had to remark on how beautiful it looked. It was kind of as the mist was almost lifting and you saw the outline of trees on the water's edge. It really was beautiful.
I never imagined you would be behind us with weather, I just thought dear old England was always damp and dreary - well, we do have sunshine at times but not as much as I imagined central Europe got. I am sure you will soon get used to the seasons in your new home country.
Hugs, Neet xx

Anna-Karin said...

These are so beautiful Alison! I love all the greenery and texture. We also had a false start of spring with colder weather following, but now I hope it will get warmer soon. I am so looking forward to the light and green of spring.

Dortesjs said...

great inspiration, much love

Etsuko said...

Beautiful background I love the delicate wild leaves and the air!! I'm looking forward to seeing you adding layers. xx

R's Rue said...


Anneke said...

Beautiful tags, gorgeous backgrounds!