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Monday, 22 May 2017

Traveller's Notebook

Hello all!  I'm sorry it's been quiet here, but I'm so grateful for the lovely feedback on my Nature Assemblage for PaperArtsy.  It was one of those makes which just felt right, so I'm happy to know it struck a chord for many of you too.

The reason I've been absent is that I'm embedded in a new rehearsal process, and also enjoying settling in to New York City again.  That doesn't leave a lot of time or headspace for much else.

I have been spending some of my spare time playing with paints and inks, but I'm finding it hard to progress beyond backgrounds and preparation to an actual finished piece.  Still having fun playing both craftily and otherwise, though...

So this post really is a bit of a traveller's notebook entry.

I thought I'd just share a couple of pictures of my travelling craft set up here in my rather lovely Brooklyn apartment.

And then I've also got a few photos of some in-progress pages in my Midori Traveller's Notebook.  Yes, I yielded to my long-time desire for one of those lovely leather journal covers and some inserts.  Well, given the amount of travelling I seem to do...

I have a craft mat with me, some Oxides, some mini-distress inks, Prima watercolour pencils and my tin of Qor watercolour paints (the black tin you can just see on the left), as well as various brushes, plastic palette knives and selected embossing powders, twine and Archival Inks (in the craft bag on the right).

I had some stuff on order with The Funkie Junkie Boutique ready for posting when I got here (fantastic customer service from Linda Coughlin) - so that's where the mini Dina Wakley paints you can see came from.  And I've also been to Blicks for some Watercolour Ground, and a sample set of Golden texture pastes.

On the windowsill right next to the table (lovely big wooden table - couldn't be better!), I've got some stamps, tags, book pages and ephemera, stencils, and stickers (some brought from home and some bought here).

And the lovely basket was just sitting there waiting - perfect to hold the washi and tissue tapes, as well as various Idea-ology bits and bobs - not to mention some Tattered Angels sprays picked up for a song here (yes, there'll likely be an extra bag on the way home).  I'm not travelling light, but then I am here for ten weeks.

As well as the bits and bobs of tag backgrounds and watercolouring you can see in the very first photo of this post, I've been having a lovely time starting to add things into the Midori notebook, though so far I've not progressed to any writing or completed art-journalling.

Before leaving home, I'd already stuck some Tim Holtz design papers into the Midori inserts in various places.

The 8x8 Etcetera pad is perfect for creating signatures just by folding the sheets in half or, as I've done here, cutting them in half to add detail to one side of a page spread.

And I'd also added some washi and deco-tape detailing...

... as well as doing some stamping with the gorgeous vintage Scrapcosy stamps from PaperArtsy...

... alongside some of Lin Brown's grasses and leaves.

One of the things on order from The Funkie Junkie Boutique was Tim's Illustrated Garden stamp set from the releases earlier this year.  So I've already inked them up and started adding them in to the notebook.

These fantastically detailed botanical drawings make wonderful page accents (and go so well with the Scrapcosy stamps too!).

I don't know yet whether I'll paint these, or tint them, or just work around them, but I feel as though I'll be inspired to write or draw or collage when I arrive at these pages. 

The "blank page syndrome" is already dealt with, so you might as well just write something.

Not all the pages have been inked or altered so, if it continues to be the case that all I really feel like doing is backgrounds or occasional elements, then there's still plenty of space to carry on.  I'm not going to bully myself about it.

While still at home, I was also using up scraps and leftovers from around the craft table.

So these two Photobooth photos...

... which have tried and failed to make it onto a number of projects in recent months...

... now finally have somewhere to live.

And I constructed a kraft pocket insert to hold extra Photobooth strips in case I want to add more vintage photos as I go (seems probable!).

Although the standard Midori papers are not really up to much in terms of wet media, I rather like the weathered look you get if you add watery distress inks to them.

The covers of each insert are made of sturdier stuff, so there's some space to play with wetter media there.  And I've got some homemade watercolour page inserts ready too, so if I do want to branch out, I've got the wherewithal.

So that's what I'm up to... just some dabbling to keep my hand in while my creativity concentrates itself back in the Words side of things for a while.  (For the insatiably curious, this is the production which I'm working on here.)   I'm also continuing my drawing/watercolouring endeavours, as well as ending up with lots of Oxide-y backgrounds to play with if Mr Mojo moves over to Pictures again at any point.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and for your patience while things take a turn for the peaceful here at Words and Pictures.  I may get some Encore posts up, or I may manage to share some more of my watercolour journey (there's oodles to catch up with on that front), and I hope I'll also manage some blog-visiting at times.

But for now I'll wish you all a wonderful week, and happy crafting!

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Brenda Brown said...

I want to get some leather and cut Eileen's journal die from it, your midori must feel so wonderfully tactile and special in your hands. You have a fabulous space set up and with all your preparation and new purchases you look perfectly ready to go, I love what you've started with already. Have fun when you get those special moments to sit and be creative and enjoy your time and work in NYC. Huge hugs xxx

Fliss said...

Your journal is looking amazing already Alison with all the details you've added and can't wait to see the continuing process too. So glad you have a lovely space to craft as well.
Just peeked at your production too as I am definitely curious and imagine my surprise to see Jonathan Cake's name there. I remember him from various tv shows over the years.
Have a lovely time in NYC.
Fliss xx

Jane said...

Hi Alison, I'm glad you are able to set up your mini craft room in your hotel, it must be a haven for you after work. I love New York but it's a hectic city. Your pages are looking beautiful. Take care xxx

Dortesjs said...

WAUE awsome,great work you did with the pages. i love your window with ephemera, stencils, and stickers. I love to play with paints and inks and you are master on this ;O))

Annie said...

a great set up in NYC Alison and I adore your leather journal cover xxx The inside pages created so far look amazing and I see you are having fun with the oxides on tags too !!!

Take care and have fun with your new stash

Sending hugs
Annie xx

Pamellia said...

Wonderful notebook Alison! I love all the different plant and flower stamping, so summery and beautiful!! Your background pieces look amazing. I often do this as well, I play around and make a bunch of panels but never seem to get around to using them. Like you said, it's still fun to play. lol. Have a great weekend. It's a long weekend for us, so we are off to Niagara Falls, fun times! hugs :)

Marci said...

Your notebook looks ready for inspiration to hit and the Oxide pages are beautiful. I hope you have lovely weather to get outside once in a while and I hope New York is good to you.

Juliz Design Post said...

Your notebook is gorgeous Alison. Pleased to see you are managing some creative time to share with us all within your busy work schedule.
Hugs, Julie x

Nan G said...

Some fabulous Oxide backgrounds ready for...... love the pre-stamping you've done. So exciting to see your career taking off! Enjoy! Hugs

Dorthe said...

it already is so interesting seeing your pages, with bits of papers, writing and photos, and I will so enjoy having more sneak peaks in time, !!
Also you have a wonderful place to work there, whenever you might find time, and all you brought or bought, will be a beautiful mixture , to create magic onto the pages !!- Have a wonderful time in New York !! xoxo

Amanda said...

I love how you've started your notebook what a wonderful project to complete whilst away from home it makes it hold even more memories. Enjoy NY.
Amanda x

Corrie Herriman said...

Your book looks great ! I hope you settle in quickly in NY ! ..and manage to have some crafty fun too !
Corrie xx

Lys said...

It's lovely to see how you manage to give yourself space and stuff and time enough to create and fill this notebook, gorgeous.

Julia said...

What a lovely insight into your journal. I think it is a great that you share the work in progress, it has certainly encouraged me to consider taking photos of unfinished items. If you start with nothing in particular in mind, amazing things can happen. This was a joy to read.

Redanne said...

First of all, well done for getting a Midori, it will really stand up well with all the travelling you do - it looks beautifully tactile! I love what you have done with the inserts already, you definitely are prepared for some amazing crafting! I really do hope you get some time to enjoy some inky and painty fun! Anne xx

Mrs.B said...

A lovely start on your Travellers Notebook, a great project for when time allows, and you look quite settled in your new crafting area.
Avril xx

experiments in paper said...

Brilliant post, Alison! I absolutely love your traveling journal, and very impressed with your traveling stash!! Stunning work with the Distress Oxides as backgrounds,n and your general set up of the Midori journal overall..... look forward to what comes from these already beautiful pages! And thanks also for the link to your current theatre project - always love seeing what you are up to! xxx Lynn

Astrid Maclean said...

Such a super post Alison, and thanks for sharing your crafty space also. As I am off on travels for about the same time come the middle of August, I was really interested to see your set up! Your midori is stunning (I succumbed too before going to Japan, they are the best, though Eileen's die will make for wonderful additionala ones). Your started pages, backgrounds and wonderful stamped additions, are really inspiring too! I do think I need that Tim set now.... this is what us crafters do to each other :o(
Enjoy your time in the Big Apple and make the best of it all round! xxxx

Sandy said...

Wow! Ten weeks in New York City - a good time to be there I would think, before it gets to hot. You have a regular craft room in you temporary home away from home.
Always grand to see what you are doing Alison - I really am in awe of your creativity!
Sandy xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Such fantastic journal Alison - you must surely be going to fill it with some great memories(or stories) Love you crafty set up - looks as though you are lacking nothing! Have a great time - even though I know you will be working hard! Hugs, Chrisx ps I have Midori envy every time I meet up with my friend Sarah!

Julia Aston said...

What a marvelous journal Alison! And how lovely to be able to just work on page decorating with the supplies you brought to your wonderful apt in NY! it looks like the absolute perfect place to be creative!! Julia xx

Kate Yetter said...

Beautiful journal, Alison! I love all the pages, stamping and pretty texture. This is a lovely piece that would be fun to travel with. And I love those photobooth photos!

Julie Lee said...

What a fascinating post! Thank You, Alison, for sharing your beautiful journal beginnings with us and giving us a peek into your lovely crafting space too! How exciting to be in Brooklyn - a place I have imagined so many times from reading and from watching many many films. The journal and what is inside it already are so beautiful. I can't wait to see how it progresses. Have a wonderfully creative time in NYC. I'm so envious - all those arty shopping possibilities too! xx

Craftyfield said...

Gor-geous Alison! The stamps, the colours, the images... it's all so perfect in that Vintage style I adore. This is the type of project I must take the time to do purely for my enjoyment.

Cocofolies said...

Hi Alison,
Sorry to have been quiet during the week-end, but I was no more at home and able to blog during that time... (visiting some french Loire Castles with my family, so great!!) I wanted to comment just before leaving, but the morning really spent at breakneck speed.
So at last I can admire your Midori travel's notebook tonight... Looks already really beautiful like that, full of delicate touches of small scraps of papers, gorgeous stamped images of leaves and flowers, and drops of inks.
Fabulous start Alison.
Looking forward to seeing the following, with some wonderful finalized pages maybe at then end as you do so well sometimes. xx

Jackie PN said...

Very cool to see your set up while away- I often wondered what you would bring along with you!
Your pages are great starts to what will be a fabulous journal I am sure! Love that those women have now found their places! lol
And yes,I went over to see about your production,thank you so much for the link! Sounds like an interesting play-very much like society today-hahaa My favorite part was seeing Vocal Coach-Alison Bomber- woo hoo! Big cheers from here!
Hope your weather and time in NYc are lovely!

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful project, Alison! Your travellers notebook looks great!
I love all the stamps you've used and the photobooth pics are amazing.
Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your creative process!

Enjoy your time in New York!
Gaby xo

Thank you so much for your lovely comment you left on my blog!!!

Sue said...

I love how you've taken care of 'blank page syndrome' Alison. You've made some beautiful pages. Hope you're enjoying NYC xx

Diana Taylor said...

That has to be the most beautiful little book I've seen - the pages are gorgeous and I love your stamped images, they are perfect. Such an inspiring blog post, thank you for sharing, and I hope you enjoy your time in NY.
Diana x

Barbara said...

How many details and what wonderful colors! As always a masterpiece! Barbara

sarascloset said...

Well, I'm happy to see I'm not the only late arrival to this wonderful post, Alison! I love reading your blog; it always feels as if I'm sitting in the room with you having a (one way) conversation. I'm impressed that you are able to select just the right things to bring with you on your excursions. The place looks fantastic with lots of great light, and I hope you are making the most of it--seems you are!

Loved seeing your travel journal pages and reading about how they came to be. And your quote is spot on! You are a true inspiration! Hugs!

Paper Profusion said...

Well it was lovely catching up with you Alison, what a lovely read! Thank-you for post and pics. Even if you are away from home, you've rightly been very resourceful in making yourself at home. I hope you have great fun playing with all those yummy ingredients. The midori, its inserts and all the backgrounds etc look fab ... I like that you are not going to bully yourself into writing just yet! Off now to investigate your production. Nx

Paper Profusion said...

Yikes, its opening in 2 nights, may all break a leg! X