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Thursday 21 March 2024

Textures Tag Book at PaperArtsy

Hello all!  I'm delighted to be over at PaperArtsy today with a textural tag book that makes me so happy... 

We're exploring the fabulous Mattints for this month's theme on the PaperArtsy blog, and I've been experimenting with creating background textures in various ways.  Given my new stamp sets are based around botanical textures, it seemed like a perfect mix and match situation.

I hope you'll have time to hop over and take a look at how my Textures Tag Book all came together - there are plenty of process photos and oodles of eye-candy shots of the finished book.

Happy crafting, all!

If a texture looks inviting, we take this as a "haptic invitation" (an appeal to our sense of touch to have a positive tactile experience).
From Design a Healthy Home by Oliver Heath

I regard texture similar to the function of taste buds in our mouths. But in a visual form. Texture does create a specific flavour which affects our senses.
Adamo Macri


Christine said...

Love the colour choices

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi alison, I am so in ,love with this. I've not made anything with tags for so long but this has got me thinking. Happy creating, Angela xXx

Cigale said...

Thank you Alison. I looked at Paperartsy and I want to make these too! It will take a while, my most loved color Mattint (Fern) is sold out in my favourite shop. Just waiting till it arrives and then I'll take all 4.Great explanations and photos to give it a try myself.

Mia said...

Absolutely amazing, Alison. Thank you for the inspiration, my friend.