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Friday 20 January 2017

New Lynne Perrella at PaperArtsy I

Hello all!  I'm giddy with excitement about tonight's reveal of the new Lynne Perrella stamps at PaperArtsy.  I fell head over heels in love with these new sets - the Rococo glamour of the flourishes, feathers and opulent fabrics, and especially the leafy garlands and sweeping landscapes which take you on a time-travelling journey back to an altogether more elegant age.  I had an absolute ball creating my samples.  Once I started, I couldn't stop!

There are too many to look at in detail in one post - it would mean a War and Peace length post and then some - so I'm going to divide them up over a couple of posts.

You've seen a glimpse of some of them over at PaperArtsy anyway so, apart from these glimpses, I'll also start showing you some of the samples I not shared over at PaperArtsy...

Lynne Perrella herself shared some thoughts about how she puts a collection together as well as about the specifics of these new sets.

I could hardly believe it when I read Lynne's words about how she put these collections together... those were exactly the journeys I went on as I was playing, as you'll see over the next few posts.

As there are so many samples, I'm trying to group them so that they make some kind of sense, so I'll start with the trio of 6 x 6 cards.  Well, they're not strictly cards... they have no backs, so they're really 6 x 6 plaques.  Regulars will know I find those easier to make than cards.  (I know, there's no rational logic to it!)

And they're not strictly a trio, but they do share certain elements in common, and the backgrounds were all created in the same way.  If you saw my Harlequin Infusions last week (my practice run with the older Infusions, knowing that Leandra wanted us to work with the new ones for these samples), this is also how that background started out.

I started with the Harlequin stencil and sprinkled some Infusions over it at the right hand side of the A4 sheet.  This version has Sleight Blue and In the Navy in the mix.  I spritzed water over and let the powders do their thing, and then flipped the stencil over to "print" the excess on the left half of the cardstock.

I dabbed more of the excess around the edges, and in most cases I got an extra printing on a second piece of card - lighter and more delicate.

I tried out most of the colour ways with our designated colours which gave me lots of backgrounds to play with.

We were using the Sleight Blue, In the Navy and Violetta from the new colours, and we were allowed to add in some Golden Sands from the originals, but none of those backgrounds made it to sample-dom.  (This one is Violetta with Golden Sands.)

I know this is old hat for the many Infusions experts out there - I'm guessing you don't need much persuasion to put the new colours in your shopping baskets! - so let's get on with looking at the stamps shall we?

First up, the elegant, amorous Chevalier (from LPC037)...

Just look at him eyeing all the most beautiful women in the ballroom, deciding who will be the recipient of his heart.

He's on a background of Violetta with Sleight Blue, and I added some kraft diamonds (the waste from one of the Tim Holtz Mixed Media Thinlits) with penwork, to echo the stencilled Harlequins in the background.

The detailing on the stamp is phenomenal (he's stamped in Jet Black Archival on Specialty Stamping Paper), and I had a lovely time "watercolouring" him with the Infusions and a little Hey Pesto.

This is before the addition of any Hey Pesto, and that's the lightest possible wash of Sleight Blue around the outside to make the white of his wig pop.

To show how many colours there are in the Sleight Blue powder, both the main fabric of his coat and that beautifully embroidered cuff are done in "pure" Sleight Blue.  I just happened to get dark granules when I did the coat and greyish ones when I did the cuff.

There are words, of course - some Small Talk stickers outlined with white pen to echo the diamonds around them.

I just love the feathers in his hair (another shade of Sleight Blue there), and the frivolous ribbons he wears to make his shoulders look wider and more manly (!)... I hope he's not also stuffing his stockings with sawdust to make his calves look more impressive.

The skin is done with a light wash of Blush Fresco, and I added the tiniest touch of Violetta to the paint to create the heat of his blushing cheeks.

This next card makes use of the In The Navy/Sleight Blue background you saw above and one of the smaller stamps from LPC035.  I make no apology for repeating some of what I said about this one over at PaperArtsy...

I always love handwritten script in a stamp, and the 1.5 inch square image I've used in this sample has a gorgeous example of it.  I imagined this woman as a character in an epistolary novel (a book where the story is told entirely through the letters sent back and forth between characters).

And there's the object of her love, the recipient of her letters - far distant, in the corner of the frame.  (Maybe he's In The Navy... that's one of the Infusions colours I've used here, after all!)

She's on a frame of book text - encasing her in the novel of which she's a part - and layered up over a secondary stamping in the same Cobalt Archival ink.

And there are tendrils of the story spreading out around the card, taking those words onwards into the world.

I wanted to layer in some kraft leaves too, so that there would be an echo of the frame around the edge of the card.

I also used the script detailing from the centre of the stamp around the rest of the card - the letters are flying back and forth between the woman and her lover.

There's a suitably romantic storytelling tone to the Small Talk words, and hopefully a happier ending than the one in the novel whose pages appear here (Vronsky is your clue...).

I don't want to outstay my welcome, so just one more for now... and we're heading to another of the three new sets - this glorious stamp is from LPC036.

For a sweeping landscape in an imagined literary world, you really can't do better than this fabulous image (probably my favourite of the whole release).

This background started out as Sleight Blue with just a hint of In The Navy (I think...) and I added the Violetta to some of the diamonds later, with a brush, when I wanted an echo of the colour I'd added to her face.

I was trying to find an ink to stamp the image so that it would tone with the powders, and I ended up with a combination of Cornflower Blue with Watering Can, blended on the stamp before printing.

I think it gives her a look of faded Delftware pottery.

You can imagine especially the landscape as the design on a beautiful bowl or plate.  Again, the engraving of the stamp is unbelievably intricate.

The trailing vines and leaves around her head have made their way onto the card itself.

The kraft die-cuts were just dipped in some spritzed Infusions on the craft mat before being stuck down.

I used very light washes of Sleight Blue and In The Navy around the edge of the arch to draw the eye in towards the woman.  It won't give this marbling effect on all surfaces - it's because of the coating on the Specialty Stamping paper.

It was all pretty monochrome until I decided I wanted to give her face a bit of a glow.

It's the light wash of Blush Fresco with Violetta added for the highlights again.  And there's a tiny touch of (sorry, discontinued) Pea Coat in her eyes.  (You could use Midnight as an excellent current alternative.)

Then, as I say, I needed to add some Violetta echoes around the background to draw the piece together.  And the black Small Talk stickers provide the words again - a sentiment with which I am in wholehearted agreement!

I know there's loads going on with releases at the moment - just trying to keep up with all the fabulous samples for the incredible new stamps, paints and powders from PaperArtsy alone is a full-time job! - so I don't want to keep you any longer today.

I'll be back very soon to share some more of my samples in detail.  I'm so grateful and proud to have been one of the designers allowed to play with this beautiful set of stamps.  They really are an absolute joy to work with, so full of history and stories - always my favourite thing.

Thank you to Lynne Perrella for providing so much inspiration (both with her pictures and her words!), and to Leandra and Mark for turning these extraordinary images into such superb stamps, and thanks to all of you for spending time here with me today.  Don't forget there are amazing samples from Helen Chilton as well as Lynne's thoughts about the collection to enjoy over at PaperArtsy.  So much to do, so little time... Happy crafting all!

The delight of opening a new pursuit, or a new course of reading, imparts the vivacity and novelty of youth even to old age.
Isaac d'Israeli


Nikki Acton said...

Just amazing - the detail, the subtle tones and colours and your incredible imagination. A wonderful selection of designs to match the great new release. Nikki xx

scrappymo! said...

These are all fabulous! Your subtle use of colour and your amazing backgrounds make these all so special!

maj. said...

Beautiful! Love them all!

Helen said...

I drooled over the Paperartsy post tonight, your samples are just stunning! You have really given them your very own style, and I love each sample you have created but especially your "Delftware" lady!

Valerie-Jael said...

Fantastic post, and the new stamps are really great, too. Have a good weekend, hugs, Valerie

Anneke said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHH this looks gorgeous!!!!!
Thanks for your explanation very inspiring!

Meggymay said...

I can see why you fell in love with these new stamps. All your samples look gorgeous and your own style of using them is inspirational.
Yvonne xx

Andrea Small said...

BEE-YOOO-TEEE-FULL!!!! Almost too much to take in. Gorgeous stamps and gorgeous treatments. Now then - to me, that Chevalier is not a He but a She, playing with gender roles - an earlier James Miranda Barry? Lovely
Andrea xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Alison, your samples are an absolute confection. We had them out all day at HQ and I must have gone back to gaze at them about a hundred times. Just gorgeous! Lx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow Alison! The stamps look fabulous and the way you have used them is wonderful - great inspiration for when my set arrives! Chrisx

Marci said...

So very beautiful. The shading you have done is gorgeous.

Astrid Maclean said...

Fantastic samples! Love the new infusion colours, you used them brilliantly forr your backgrounds and fabulous new stamps!

chrissie said...

An amazing collection Alison and the stamps are wonderful with the colouring you added to them

Enjoy your weekend

Love Chrissie xx

Ruth said...

Oh Alison, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow...firstly LOVE the new infusions, Violetta is already on my list, the name is poetry anyway. Using the harlequin stencil with these must have Lynne Perella images is a match made in heaven by you. You have created a magical feast for the eyes, all I can say is wow again. Gorgeous! Ruth xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

What an amazing array and peacock style display of fabulousness Alison. I, too, can feel your excitement. What a lucky girl to get to play with these, and the new Infusions. You have been the temptress and are leading us into temptation with no trouble at all.
I adore the way that you have showcased these new goodies Alison. Amazing as always!! Xx

froebelsternchen said...

You did an amazing job with the new stamps Alsion! Fantastic art!

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Wow these are soooooooo lush,stunning and beautiful Alison,breathtaking too
Donna xx

craftytrog said...

Ooh!!! Too yummy for words! I love all of your projects Alison!

Dorthe said...

They are so gorgeous, Alison, and the stamps wonderful, with all the amazing details. I love the colors you choose for them, and the add of brown cardstock.
Such beautiful creations, and I look forward seeing Leandra telling about them, too .
Dorthe, xoxo

Julie Lee said...

Where do I begin? These projects are beautiful, dream-like and stunning! Your interpretation of Lynne's designs is second to none. This post was an absolute delight from beginning to end, Alison - a garden of delights in the depths of winter. xxx

Chrissy said...

Beautiful Alison..I love the Harlequin stencilling it is just right isn't it..love the images and all the details on them..FABulolus work.


experiments in paper said...

Fabulous stepouts, Alison!! And I love them all!! Looking forward to your following posts - and definitely will be working with infusions again, as I love the vintage tonality you and Helen achieve with these. And cannot wait to get these new stamps by Lynne - I love her work, but these seem to me to be some of her best, and you have showcased them beautifully! I so hope you get to meet her one of these days! And thank you for the encouragement on my watercoloring! xxx Lynn

Sandy said...

Wonderful Alison!
Sandy xx

Julia said...

The infusions and the new stamps are just stunning. I love what you have done with them, your samples are truly beautiful.

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Wow Alison, you really did Lynne's stamps justice with your gorgeous samples, I could easily spend an hour just looking back through this wonderful post! I love the beautiful harlequin backgrounds and your wonderful colouring. Truly beautiful, I look forward to seeing more.... Anne xx

Paper Profusion said...

Stunning presentation of these beautiful stamps and infusions Alison. You really have made exceptional samples. I particularly love the image on your 3rd card - your favourite too - she is beautifully striking! You've done Lynne and PaperArtsy proud! Have a lovely week. Nicola x

sally said...

I see you have been having a great deal of fun recently!

Sally xx

Cocofolies said...

So many wonderful samples - I adore the first one with the chevalier, and your two sets of tags, so scrumptious and beautiful, wow again! - and these new Lynne stamps are exquisite... I really need two sets! :)
Fabulous inspiration, thanks Alison. xx

Jackie PNeal said...

OMGOSH! When I saw over at Paper Artsy Lynne had new stamps and then saw your samples, I said to myself- Alison -perfect choice to represent Lynne Perella's line!
Alison, all of your samples are absolutely brilliant and I could just imagine the fun you had while creating them! oh lucky you! Can't wait til these are available in the states!!
hugs,Jackie xx

Sue said...

Wow you and LP are a match made in heaven! These are stunning Alsion, and so you! xx

Kirsten said...

Wow! That is a seriously gorgeous collection.

sarascloset said...

Just lovely, Alison! I have really enjoyed my visits with you this morning, and now I go, full of inspiration! Have a wonderful day! Hugs!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

All that wonderful detail to look at and read about. Love the mix of of colors. Your art always has a life of its own.