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Monday 31 July 2023

Brand new Summer Botanical stamps at PaperArtsy

Hello all!  I'm so thrilled to be sharing my newest stamp sets by PaperArtsy over on their blog this evening, and also live with you on Facebook in the PaperArtsy People Group at 8.30pm Europe, 7.30pm UK, 2.30pm Eastern, 11.30am Pacific - but you can always catch up later too!  I couldn't be happier to introduce the three new sets: EAB33 Strawberry Edition, EAB34 Cornflower Edition and EAB35 Currants Edition.

The three new sets of Botanicals are full of summer's beauty and bounty, just as the fruit starts to ripen - maybe even starting to look towards autumn.  They complete the seasonal year of these herbal, theatrical, historical, botanical collections, and I couldn't be more proud of all of them.  

I'm so grateful to everyone at PaperArtsy for their hard work and their support... it really is a joyful collaboration.

I hope you'll hop over to the PaperArtsy blog to enjoy the (many) pictures of the (many) samples I've been creating!  And I hope that some of you will be able to join me for the Live Launch, or at least catch up with it later - and apologies for the squished formatting.  It was perfect for the first couple of seconds and then Facebook wrecked it.  (I'll share the link here afterwards, as always).

And I hope you didn't miss yesterday's blogpost about the amazing BONUS stamp set and curated paint collections I've created as part of a wonderful PaperArtsy/Fodder School collaboration... It's been all go around here lately, hasn't it?  I'm now looking forward to a slightly quieter August!

Have a wonderful week, everybody, and happy Summer!

I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry, and I see summer – its dust and lowering skies.
Toni Morrison

If it could only be like this always—always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe.
Evelyn Waugh

Give me books, fruit, French wine and fine weather and a little music out of doors, played by someone I do not know. I admire lolling on a lawn by a water-lilied pond to eat white currants and see goldfish: and go to the fair in the evening if I'm good.
John Keats

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