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Sunday 24 June 2012

Colours of the Rainbow

Finally, as I promised you, some proof that I do have colours other than blue and brown on my palette!  Here's my Rose mini-album:

I also want to start showing some of the new techniques and possibilities I'm discovering every step of the way.  

This is a 6x6 album, with the front and back covers made of heavyweight chipboard, and the internal pages based on lightweight kraft cardstock.  The papers for this one are partly from Prima's Fairy Belle 6x6 pad (gorgeous!), and partly from Paper Cellar's Victorian Classic 6x6 pad. 

I found the Paper Cellar pad very much reduced in The Range one day (I guess it's sort of as close as we get in the UK to Michael's but, from what I read about it, oh, how I envy the American crafters having Michael's!), so I bought two or three books of it.  They're nice shabby chic designs in fairly neutral colours, but with plenty of scope for me to get creative dressing them up, as you'll see.  This is one of them on the cover, with additional inking round the edges.

The metal corner edgings were one of my e-bay bargains.  I'm sure you'll spot them coming up again somewhere down the line.

I added some mixed ribbons and strings to the binding rings, some lace ribbon across the centre, and then the silky rose in the corner.  It was originally white (part of a very cheap bridal set, from the same place as the ribbon... the Czech Republic may not do much scrapbooking, but they do do white weddings), so I used my Tim Holtz Distress Markers on it.  

The rose is backed onto some die-cut distressed florals I got on e-bay, cut out of kraft card.  I used pale acrylic to get a matte background, and then inked the colours on, again using the markers to get the detail of veins on the leaves and petals.  Over the top of that I painted some Rock Candy (clear) Distress Crackle Paint, 
and left them to get on with crackling.

I mentioned in the last blog that I'd been playing with the TH On the Edge dies... well, here they come in to their own, I think.  Page by page, different edgings reveal themselves (though I've not got a full set yet, so there are some repeats!).

I love how you get a tantalising little sneak-peek of what you're about to get and, most of all, I like letting it fall open like this, so that you get a sense of the whole paper collection in one go.

Next time we'll take a closer look at the page spreads, and some of the detailing I've been adding to get the Paper Cellar designs to reflect the Prima ones they're being used with.

Thanks so much for dropping by... there'll be more very soon!

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